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MENACE (projet de Mitch Harris de NAPALM DEATH) vient de mettre en ligne le clip de "Painted Rust" extrait de son premier opus "Impact Velocity" qui sortira le 14 mars chez Season of Mist.

Le clip se découvre en détail de la newz, tout comme un texte de Mitch Harris au sujet d'une oevre de charité pour lutter contre le cancer.

A noter les participations des artistes suivants : Derek Roddy (batterie), Fred Leclercq (basse), Nicola Manzan (violon, violoncelle), Shane Embury (basse), et Russ Russell (producteur).

Plus d'infos via Facebook Menace - Facebook Season of Mist - Eshop Season of Mist (VsGreg)

Menace is a solo venture by Napalm Death guitarist Mitch Harris. It’s an artistic medium, a vehicle where different kinds of artists collaborate towards a common goal of inspiring hope, change, and creating something positive from something negative.

It’s a style which is difficult to categorise, combining elements from a multitude of genres. The melodic vocal approach by Mitch Harris takes the listener through an emotional journey, through heartfelt storyboards that inspire art and creativity, aimed towards rebuilding foundations.

There will be a series of videos released to support the theory of A.I. (Audio Installationism).
After the success of the first animated video for the single “I Live With Your Ghost”, Harris did research and soul searching for the right team of people to combine their talents for the next set of storyboards.

Mitch established a connection with unique and passionate sand artist Kseniya Simonova. He watched her life story documentary and followed her journey to win Ukraine’s Got Talent. “Her work was so touching and inspiring, the kind of thing that really intensifies human emotion.”

Mitch realised that they had much in common regarding the obstacles in life, and the purpose of their visions.

There were two songs in particular “Painted Rust, and To The Marrow”, that would inspire the most unique result in these current times, where the message in music is sometimes lost in translation.

Kseniya performs her sand art live worldwide, and has focused much attention on helping generate funding for a Ukrainian children’s cancer charity. There is small group of children cannot afford treatment. Kseniya’s commitment has already generated much revenue for the cause, but still, there is an uphill climb with a long way to go.

What we are doing is focusing our attention on one girl in particular named Marina. She is a champion in callestetics, gymnastics, and both Mitch and Kseniya are trying to make a difference and at least generate some hope for a family, their only tool they at present. Their plan is to connect others, and try to make a difference, however small or large, it is the first of many steps.

“No matter how complicated life seems, through all our personal traumas, and the aspects of modern life, until presented with tragedy, we sometimes fail to recognize how fragile life is.”
Describing the message of the “Painted Rust” video featuring Kseniya Simonova, the poetry is about failing infrastructure, neglect, solitude and alone in a place that seems cannot be reached or penetrated by anything or anyone. It’s important to remember that we are not alone, and even strangers could contribute, to make a difference.

Kseniya achieved the perfect example of that - her contribution and focused message deliver the powerful and hopes to leave a lasting impression in hearts and souls on a global scale, directed towards improving life, and regaining the strength to pursue our most improbable dreams and goals”, Harris adds.

Harris admires and fully supports the efforts and sincerity of the truly gifted, Kseniya Simonova’s focus of her energy on her campaign. “We are truly blessed to have such a determined individual to emphasize the potential of ideas that reach beyond limitation and expectation. Her commitment, her will is something I have not encountered before in all my years, and I will do everything in my power to help in every possible way. Art needs support to continue, and with something so urgent, it really intensifies goal we are trying to reach, from different ends of the scale, leaving the viewer in the centre of an emotional vortex of aspirations of pushing forward into unchartered territory.”

“I’ve donated as much money as I could towards Kseniya’s cancer charity for Marina, and I think that I could help much, much more by sharing these videos and bring something important to people’s attention. The rest is up to you to make a difference, and I think we can…”

Produced by Russ Russell, guitarist / vocalist Mitch Harris (Napalm Death), drummer Derek Roddy, bassists Fred Leclercq (Dragonforce) and Shane Embury (Napalm Death), and Nicola Manzan violin, cello, viola (Bologna Violenta).

“With the added support of our artistic creative team, and record label Season of Mist, we’re hopeful to push this message worldwide from every possible angle. We are very fortunate to have this level of support and understanding”.

“Stripping it down, to the roots, to the bone, to the marrow... Thank you, and I hope that you find the time to share the results, and also please help spread this message, and share with your closest people. Deep down, I truly hope that something positive will aspire from this. Thank you...”

and chapter devoted to Marina (it is a very good Ukrainian charity website)

how Marina looks now

Membre enregistré
Posté le: 04/02/2014 à 17h21 - (458914)
Les 2 morceaux (et leurs clips) sont convainquants. Une bonne surprise.

PS: Faut vraiment que je réécoute le 2nd Meathook Seed.

Membre enregistré
Posté le: 04/02/2014 à 17h54 - (458918)
C'est plutôt pas mal.

Membre enregistré
Posté le: 04/02/2014 à 18h16 - (458924)
pas très fan de la musique, mais quelle magnifique pochette

Posté le: 04/02/2014 à 18h38 - (458927)
Tu m'as ôté les beaux de la mouche !

Morbid Tankard
Membre enregistré
Posté le: 04/02/2014 à 22h11 - (458941)
L'autre titre est mieux.

ennemi juré
Posté le: 05/02/2014 à 00h59 - (458957)
Bon Mitch, concentres toi plus sur les compos du prochain Napalm. C'est pour quand merde.

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