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Les vidéos dominicales de la semaine :
ANNIHILATOR - Hell Bent For Leather (Live Japan '93)
UNEVEN STRUCTURE - Awaken (Live @ Manchester)
AVULSED - Gorespattered Suicide (Maryland DeathFest '11)
MAXIMUM THE HORMONE - Koi No Sweet Kuso (Dungorpat)

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Posté le: 26/11/2011 à 22h39 - (380689)
Commentaire, by JEFF WATERS en personne :

Cool stories about this one!
1) It was against the law to dive into the crowd in Japan at that time (Breakin the Law?!?!)
2) Second, the end of this, I almost died of suffocation from a few thousand fans all trying to get to one place at the same time: to me! Stupid... maybe that is why they had that law? DUH!
3) Thirdly, the guy who grabbed my guitar at the end of this video was my guitar tech. But he was also the guy on the back of the Alice In Hell record cover. He ended up being the Tour Manager for Nickleback, years later.
4) The guy standing on stage to the left, when i dove into the crowd, was my manager. He had, in his waist pack, all of the Japan tour's money. A lot of money. He had to make the decision to jump in the crowd and save me OR to stay on stage with the money: He chose the money!
5) The bassist was supposed to have been our long-time bass player Wayne Darley. But because he had a criminal record, they would not let him into Japan (Duh!) We did not know about it. So our guitar player Dave Davis filled in on bass on that tour. He did great, considering he had one day to learn the whole set on bass! And even more difficult, I had to learn how to play all the 2-guitar parts, on one guitar. Didn't sound that great and a lot of mistakes, but we did it!
6) I was in great shape physically ! hahahaha!

Seb On Fire
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Posté le: 27/11/2011 à 08h54 - (380704)

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Posté le: 27/11/2011 à 10h11 - (380707)

Le Maryland DeathFest, c'est sur un parking d'un hypermarché en plein centre ville ????

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Posté le: 27/11/2011 à 10h26 - (380711)

MAXIMUM THE HORMONE... j'ai bien ri

Seb On Fire
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Posté le: 27/11/2011 à 11h08 - (380718)
MTH ça tue, c'est tout.

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Posté le: 27/11/2011 à 12h59 - (380726)
annihilator, la fin impressionne...

Posté le: 27/11/2011 à 13h12 - (380727)
@Seb On Fire +1

Posté le: 27/11/2011 à 17h24 - (380739)
@Seb On Fire +1

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