VsGreg interview Bulldog de FREYA

Freay est la suite logique de l'aventure Earth Crisis. Si on retrouve des ex-membres de Earth Crisis dans Freya, il n'est pas surprenant que la musique possède des points communs, Interview Rapidos avec Bulldog (basse chant).
1. Could we please briefly come back to the split of Earth Crisis. What were the reasons of the split ? Do you have any regrets today ?
 Earth Crisis was around for ten years. Most of us started this band when we were in our teens. After ten years of touring and releasing records, we decided it was time to move on to other personal goals. Being that we all accomplished more than we ever thought we could in Earth Crisis. So we just felt it was time to move on. We don't really have regrets because we're all excited about our new band.

2. What is your best memories regarding all the Earth Crisis era ?

My best memories were everytime that we traveled to a new country or city that we have never been to. Probably my best memories were going to Japan for the first time.

3. What did you do after the split ? Did you immediately create a new band or formed Freya ? or did you take some time for yourself ?

 Right after the split we all definately took some time for ourselves. Me, Erick, and Karl immediately started working on what came to be Freya.

4. Freya was named Nemesis at the begining. Why did change the name of the band ? What is the meaning of Freya ?
 Nemesis was the name that we used to go by, until we realized that there was a hip hop band called Nemesis. So Karl came up with the band name Freya because he is very into mythology. Freya is the goddess of love, lust, and war.

5. Could "As The Last Light Drains" be the follow up of   "Slither" if Eartch Crisis didnt split ? What are the main differences between Freya and EC ?
 Freya is definately more melodic than EC ever was. I definately think Earth Crisis would kinda moved in the same direction but still would have been way more metal and not as rock oriented.

6. Freya has 3 ex-Earth Crisis members and 2 non-Earth Crisis members. Could you told us a little bit more about Darien Lizotte (guitar,vocals) and Corey Koniz (drums) ? How did you choose them for Freya ?
 Me, Erick, and Karl immediately started working with Corey because we knew he was a good drummer. I knew him from his other band (Sante Sangre). Darian, whom we had known for a long time, had an awsome melodic singing voice. We definately knew that would a cool element to the band and definately would make stand out from Earth crisis.

7.  What is the next step for Freay ? Will we have the chance to see you on tour in Europe  or will you focus on the USA ?
 We got a bunch of US dates comming up ths july, that will added to our website(www.freyamusic.com). We plan to tour Europe in the early fall.

8.  Could you please just told us more about your other band RAG MEN ? What is the musical direction ?
 Ragmen is definately more of a New York hardcore sounding band. I always loved NY hardcore so it was an honor to do this band with these guys. The members consist of Jorge(merauder) ,Mitts ( madball, skarhead) , and Riggs (madball, skarhead).

9. A last word / message for our readers ?
Thanks for the interview and your interest in our band. We can't wait to make to France to play some shows. Thanks alot.........