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NIHILISTIC: Underground distro

Publié : dim. févr. 23, 2020 1:43 pm
par Scumflesh

NIHILISTIC est une distro underground du Nord.
Metal old school et styles affiliés.
Cassettes, CDs et fanzines.
Prix bas ou très raisonnables.

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Re: NIHILISTIC: Underground distro

Publié : dim. févr. 23, 2020 1:44 pm
par Scumflesh
Last distro news:

DEATHFUCKER (Ita) Devil's fist Demo tape. Old school thrash/ Old death metal

EVIL MADNESS (Chile) Hidden behind the cross Demo tape. Old school thrash. (Members of Dekapited, Invincible force...)

EXCRUCIATION (Swi) [C]rust Tape. Death doom, slower metal, with a touch of mid old Paradise lost (Shades/ Icon)

EXTINKT (Pol) Postnuclear trip to nowhere Tape. Thrash metal with quite good sound, and some death metal influences.

GUERRA TOTAL (Col)/ VULCAN TYRANT (Hol) Split MCD. Old school speed black/ for both.

ILDSTORM (Denmark) Midnight rehearsals Demo rape. Fast black metal the old way.

HINTERKAIFECK (Australia) Live promo tape. Raw underground black metal

MASSIVE ASSAULT (Hol) Conflict MCD. Swedish styled death metal
1917 (Argentina) Testimonial CD. Old school death with big sound, influenced by old european and old american death and black.

Re: NIHILISTIC: Underground distro

Publié : dim. févr. 23, 2020 1:44 pm
par Scumflesh
Last distro news:

AGGRESSIVE MUTILATOR (Swe) Det djävlanästet CD. Old school black/ thrash

EVANGELION (Swi) Sacro macello MCD. Digipack. Black metal

GUTTERSKULL (Croatia) Crawling in disgust Demo Tape. Black metal/ Crust

HOSTILE FAITH (Chile) Mortal signs... To death Demo tape. Old school thrash/ Death metal

KARAKONDZULA (Serbia) Beer metal Demo tape. Blackened thrash metal

NADIMAC (Serbia) Besnilo Tape. Old school thrash

RAGEHAMMER (Pol) War hawks MCD. Black thrash

SCHWERMUT (Ger) Schwermut MCD. Digipack. Black metal, quite melancholic and grim.


ERIS (Serbia)/ CHIKARA (Bosnia)/ DISHATE (Serbia) Split CDr. Raw black metal/ Raw punk hardcore/ Death grind

ZARAGH BAAL THARAGH (Fra)/ ERIS (Serbia)/ GROB (Croatia) Split CDr. Lofi underground black metal/ Raw underground black metal/ Black thrash

ZIMOROG (Croatia) Hate kills, use it well Demo tape. Black metal.

MALÄD (Ukraine) Demo 2014. Tape. Raw grindcore with sludge parts

NEKROHOLOCAUST (Philippines) Prelude to extermination Tape. Underground brutal death ... low-prices