09-12.06.2022 - Up The Hammers XV @ Gagarin 205, Athína (GR)

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Re: 09-12.06.2022 - Up The Hammers XV @ Gagarin 205, Athína (GR)

Messagepar Lax » jeu. mai 19, 2022 3:24 pm

Et c'est au tour des tocards de TITAN FORCE de rejoindre la famille d'attardés composée de FECEMEMBER, CANCELMASS, MANOWHORE et leur cousin crétin Twat Azagthoth :


Jeudi 9 Juin 2022 @ Athína - An Club :

Vendredi 10 Juin 2022 @ Gagarin 205 :
SKYCLAD (ENG) - Old School Set
ATLANTEAN KODEX (DE) - different set from warm-up show

Samedi 11 Juin 2022 @ Athína - Gagarin 205 :
- ► TITAN FORCE (U.S.) - exclusive European show
+ ► CONCEPTION (NOR) - first time in Greece
TRESPASS (U.K.) - first time in Greece
STRAY GODS (ITA) - first time ever

Ιt is always with a great regret when we are forced to write an announcement about a cancelation.
Being fans ourselves we empathize with the fans and the disappointment that our announcement might bring to you.
And it is because we are fans, our disappointment in the bands we grew up loving is amplified.

It was always our intention for the festival to materialize, and we constantly communicated with the bands, updating them about the covid Situation in Greece.
It was 3 months ago when we made the final decision and asked from all the bands their reconfirmation and their passports to arrange their transportation.

(a member of) Titan Force, ignored all the updates and neglected to issue a passport, despite knowing that the passport procedure takes a lot of time and ignoring the fact that the longer we wait, the burden of the transportation cost harms the festival.
Eventually, approximately a month ago, that member decided to finally make an application for the passport, and we were told that within a month he would have his documents, and there is no reason for alarm.

Despite the reassurances, we urged the band to consider alternatives, such as having a guest musician, and we offered to provide a list of candidates and to assist the process. Again, the band refused.

Finally, we were informed that on Monday he was going to get his passport and we were relieved that we could finally put the whole situation behind us, despite the financial damage the wait has caused us. After all, we really wanted to have Titan Force at our festival.

Shockingly, we were informed that this whole time, the application wasn’t made according to US law and the applicant didn’t follow the right procedure to get his passport.
His inability to obtain the required documents, despite having sufficient time, has stripped the fans of the band the joy of seeing them live, and stripped our festival of options, 3 weeks before the show.

You know that we do not usually make defamatory posts such as this, but unfortunately this situation caused by Titan Force leaves us with no other choice.
We are trying our best to make it up for the fans who were let down by the band.
Rest assured that we will do everything in our power to provide you with the best available option, but the timeframe is very very tight.

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